El Paso Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Attorney

If you are facing a situation that involves domestic violence and/or child abuse, it is a critical matter that requires immediate attention. You and your children’s health and well-being are high priorities, so do not wait to seek the professional legal guidance of an experienced El Paso domestic violence and child abuse attorney.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in the State of Texas refers – very generally – to dangerous acts of aggression that happen at home (or within a family unit) and are typically instigated by a spouse or partner. Child abuse is a specific kind of domestic violence.

Domestic violence has a tendency to escalate quickly, and if you find yourself in a dangerous situation at home, the first order of business is getting out of that situation and to a safe place. Your second step should be reaching out to a dedicated domestic violence and child abuse attorney.

Obtaining a Family Violence Protective Order

Seeking a family violence protective order can help you protect yourself from your aggressor and help provide you with greater peace of mind regarding your own and your children’s safety, but the process can be daunting. The basic requirements to obtain such an order include:

This can be intimidating without the right legal representation and assistance.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many dangerous and harmful forms – none of which should be overlooked.

Physical Abuse

When we think about domestic violence, we tend to think about physical abuse, which is the most obvious and which can be the most immediately dangerous. Physical abuse involves any kind of harmful physical contact, and it does not have to land you in the hospital or even to require a doctor’s care to qualify as abuse. You should not have to live in fear of being hurt.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is often exceptionally painful because it amounts to an attack on who you are as a person. Emotional abuse can include any of the following:

Emotional abuse alone can be very difficult to prove, but this does not make it any less important to address.

Psychological Abuse

If your abuser is engaging in any of the following, it might amount to psychological abuse:

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can take many forms that include:

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced El Paso Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Attorney

Domestic violence and/or child abuse is a serious matter that requires serious legal guidance. The focused El Paso domestic violence and child abuse attorney at the law firm of Richard Deck, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC, is dedicated to helping clients like you obtain the legal protections they need, so please don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 915-532-1122 today.