El Paso Enforcement of Orders Attorney

Divorce is never easy, but once your divorce orders are handed down, it can make moving forward into your post-divorce future feel far more doable. If, however, your ex is not adhering to those divorce orders, you are accused of failing to adhere to them, or you need a modification, it can be another complicated legal matter, but an experienced El Paso enforcement of orders attorney can help.

The Terms of Your Divorce

Your divorce terms should be unique based on your divorce circumstances, but they include the same basic categories of many other Texas divorce orders, including:

If your ex is failing to adhere to any one of these terms, it can significantly affect your parental and financial rights and is a matter that you should take up with the court.

The Division of Your Community Property

Once the court hands down a determination of your community property, its involvement stops. The court does not actively ensure that this division takes place in accordance with its ruling – although you can report non-compliance to the court and seek enforcement of the order. For example, if your ex refuses to move forward with putting the mortgage in your name alone as ordered, it is a matter you should address with an enforcement of orders attorney.

Your Child Conservatorship Arrangements and Child Support

If your ex is not adhering to your child conservatorship arrangements and/or his or her child support obligations, it can directly affect your children’s well-being, which makes the matter particularly concerning. The court bases its decisions that relate to children on the best interests of those children and takes it seriously when it comes to enforcing these decisions.

Spousal Maintenance

Maintenance does not play a role in every divorce, but if you experience an economic downturn upon divorce and your ex has the financial ability to help, the court may have awarded you alimony. The court does not order alimony lightly, and if your ex is not complying with his or her financial obligation in this regard, it can directly affect your ability to move forward after your divorce and is a matter that you should not ignore.

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced El Paso Enforcement of Orders Attorney

If your ex is not living up to his or her responsibilities regarding your divorce terms, you have been accused of failing to do so, or you need a modification of those terms, a practiced El Paso enforcement of orders attorney at the law office of Richard Deck, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC, is on your side and well-prepared to help. To learn more about what we can do to help you through this difficult situation, please don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 915-532-1122 today.