El Paso Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support – also called alimony and spousal maintenance – is a payment system that is designed to help a spouse who faces a financial disadvantage upon divorce find better financial footing. While spousal support isn’t a factor in every divorce, it may play an important role in yours, and if appropriate, it should not be discounted. If you have questions or concerns regarding spousal support, seek the professional legal guidance of an experienced El Paso spousal support attorney today.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is intended for those situations in which one spouse experiences a financial downturn upon a divorce (and/or as the divorce pends), and the other has the financial ability to help alleviate this problem. Generally, spousal support is temporary, but the amount and duration are based on wide-ranging considerations. The duration of spousal support typically correlates closely with the length of the marriage. Because every marriage and divorce are utterly unique, the court has considerable discretion when it comes to awarding spousal support.

The Court’s Determination

In determining spousal support in your divorce, the court will take all the following considerations into careful account:

If, for example, you left your career to support your spouse’s dream of becoming a successful doctor – through med school and beyond – and after 25 years, you find yourself facing a divorce, the facts of your case are very likely to lead to a spousal support award.

A Dedicated El Paso Spousal Support Attorney Can Help

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